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Services for Companies

Here below are featured the academic extension services offered to companies:

  • Consultancy and counseling services

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    The consultancy and counseling services is a specialized work done with the purpose of understanding and redefining existing problematics, finding and recommending the most appropriate solutions in a scientific, technical, technological, political, social, environmental, artistic and cultural manner.

    Some of these consultancy and counseling services offered by areas are:

    • Sustainable rural development
    • Social inclusion and construction
    • Heritage, culture and art
    • Governance and public politics
    • Biodiversity and biotechnology
    • Life and health
    • Smart city
    • Infrastructure
    • Productive sector and innovation
    • Environmental management
    • Information for the inclusion
    • Responsible mining
    • Energy
    • Seas and oceans
  • Technological innovation and management projects

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    Technological innovation and management modality involves projects and initiatives performed as a result of teaching and research effort done by the Universidad Nacional de Colombia’s academic community, whose purpose includes the transfer of new knowledge to the productive, social, cultural and political processes of the country.

    The projects considered to be Innovation projects seize to develop and implement an improvement or new value in short, medium and long term. Likewise, innovation implementation refers to the market introduction or the application and use of innovative development with the acceptance of society.

    The Universidad Nacional de Colombia´s Upper University Council agreement 036 of 2009 defines technological and innovation projects as projects whose main goal is:

    • Technological foresight, supervision and evaluation.
    • The formulation of innovation and technological development policies, plans and strategies.
    • The design and application of incentive schemes for innovation and technological development.
    • Innovation pre feasibility and feasibility studies.
    • The promotion, exhibition, marketing and dissemination of technological development.
    • The compliance certification of technological development standards.
    • The assessment, protection, negotiation and contracting of scientific and technological knowledge.
    • The creation and consolidation of companies.
    • The evaluation of policies, strategies, standards and results regarding research and innovation.
  • Practices and Internships

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    The Practices and Internships final goal is to encourage the professional, social and community development of undergraduate and postgraduate students enrolled in the University, through the application of their knowledge and learning in practice.

    If you are interested in working with practitioners and/or interns of the Universidad Nacional de Colombia, please visit, register the company with its basic information and enter in order to make the request.

  • Labs

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    In order to consult the extension labs, please follow these instructions:

    1. Enter the Hermes Information System’s labs search module.
    2. On the window called «Dedicación» at the advanced search box, select the option called «Extensión».
      Búsqueda laboratorios Extensión
    3. It is also possible to filter the results by campus or faculty of the Universidad Nacional de Colombia.
    4. Click on the «Buscar» button and, when the search results have loaded completely, click on the lab’s name in order to obtain more information.
    5. The search results can also be downloaded on a PDF file.
  • Trainings

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    These are activities that correspond to the continuing education offer for public and private entities, with the aim of supporting the institutional plans of training.

  • International Cooperation

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    Includes all academic, scientific, technical, cultural and sports cooperation activities performed by the University, as a public institution, within the framework of national strategies of international cooperation, official international programmes of cooperation promotion on these fields or acquired commitments by the country in commissions or bilateral or multilateral agreements of cooperation, in which the University participates and that involve as well the reciprocity principle.

    These activities contribute to the exchange and transfer of knowledge, capacities, experiences and technologies between countries for their mutual benefit. This cooperation must be manifested on the bilateral or multinational resolution of shared issues.

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